Teaching Philosophy

I have been playing the piano for 20 years. I believe in a strong theory base for all pianists. I also believe that music is a wonderful tool for expression and encourage my students to not only play pieces that will stretch them, but pieces that they enjoy. I also believe in the importance of consistent practice and the old adage "practice makes perfect!"

I have been singing since I could talk. I was that child who would organize all her friends and siblings into musicals in the living room for the whole neighborhood.
I have participated in many choirs, shows, and performed countless times as a soloist. I believe in strong theory base for all vocalists. I also believe that the correct training (ear training and voice training) can free a beautiful voice. I keep detailed notes on my students progression so I can better help them develop into the vocalist that they want to be.  All students have the option to record their lessons as a practicing aid. I will also supply each student with recorded warm-ups, upon request.

I believe in teaching in a safe environment, which is why I have a studio in my home. If you aren't comfortable as a student, you won't progress. I have gone to great lengths to ensure that my studio is a comfortable place to be, and I hope that you will feel the same!